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Welcome to Nutanix

What is a hyper-converged infrastructure?
The hyper-converged infrastructure integrates computing and storage natively in a single x86-based server, which is designed with scale-out clusters. Energy and space requirements are reduced, and storage complexity is considerably simplified.

Simplifying the infrastructure stacks

The converged storage and virtualisation stack of Nutanix makes those bloated, out-of-date, stand-alone hypervisors superfluous, and it renders virtualisation invisible.

The integrated Acropolis hypervisor, which is designed to be run on an intelligent VM-centric storage layer, provides stable and reliable computing services.

How your company will benefit:

  • Lower costs: an overall reduction in investment and operating costs of 40% to 60%.
  • Unlimited scalability: reliable scaling of the infrastructure without limits
  • Creating added value: 8-times faster creation of added value during purchasing, preparation and administration
  • Up to 90% less power, cooling and space requirements
  • More time available for IT innovations, with the release of IT resources