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IT for everyone

If it is important to customers that accessories have high quality and are easy to operate, they decide in favour of Sandberg. Sandberg’s motto “IT for everyone” determines the company’s behaviour daily. Since the outset in 1985, private customers, public bodies and companies enjoy the advantages of this corporate philosophy. Sales partners and dealers value its availability, range, the simple processes and exceptionally low error rate. Every year, Sandberg sends more than half a million products to users in over 65 countries.

If you buy a Sandberg, you get:

  • ...a product which can be found in most well-stocked computer shops
  • ...a product which is well presented in most online shops with good product illustrations and product descriptions
  • ...a product which is easy to use without expert technical knowledge
  • ...a product which is guaranteed to be fault-free as a result of constant collaboration with quality testers, resulting in better efficiency, durability and easier handling of the product
  • ...a product which is tested individually and thoroughly before being packed
  • ...a product with 5 years’ guarantee
  • ...an experience from a Danish family company managed by people who love technology which functions faultlessly

Sandberg stands for safe and ethical products which meet all regulations and requirements. A product manufactured by suppliers who have dedicated themselves to adherence to the Sandberg Code of Conduct in order to secure appropriate working conditions and to maintain environmental pollution caused by production and waste disposal as low as possible.