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Welcome to Sennheiser

Comfortable to wear, noise suppression and sound quality

Whether you spend most of the day at the desk or you would rather move around freely in the office, you will find the right headset at Sennheiser. The multiple award-winning North German company has been one of the leading manufacturers in the audio sector since 1945, and develops innovations with a global impact. Sennheiser also has made outstanding achievements in high-end audio, in microphone development, and in professional equipment for television and radio studios.

What sets Sennheiser apart

Sennheiser operates the world's most modern production line for headphones – not in Asia but in Europe. With first-class service and market research, Sennheiser continually strives to develop a unique understanding of its customers' requirements. At four sites in Europe and Asia the global team ensures round the clock that no trend or customer request is left unattended. Sennheiser is successful because it drives forward innovations and focusses on quality and excellence. This means not only developing innovations but also setting trends and building on them.

Sennheiser – the sound artist

Sennheiser is the scientist of soundwaves. Sennheiser is the sound artist, transforming soundwaves into electrical signals with lossless precision, and converting the digital signals back into an unadulterated analog musical delight. Sennheiser lets you hear the stroke of the pianist's little finger on the ebony key, the popstar's breath on the microphone, and the voices in the crowd when the audience screams. The headphones and microphones of Sennheiser constantly push the barriers of the audible and untiringly explore the outer fringes of perfect sound.