Welcome to Wiko

Why should a telephone be expensive?

Wiko was founded in 2011 in Marseille, France. Its goal is to ensure that customers are offered products that are ideally suited to them and make daily life easier. People, stories and ideas come together at Wiko to transform each telephone into a unique product created to arouse enthusiasm in everyone. The look and feel show their French influence and convey the pure "French" inspiration and vision.

The Wiko generation

  • The Wiko generation is smart.
  • They are not easily fooled.
  • They are the benefit/cost ratio generation.
  • They are strong enough to free themselves from standards and norms.
  • The strength to decide for oneself what is really important.
  • The strength to freely choose their own way.
  • They have an independent spirit which only they themselves control.
  • They are the power generation.
  • They live life to the full.